Dog events are shows, test and trials, and sports in which dogs can participate. There is a wide variation of activities that might involve human interactions or minimal human interactions. Some of the events are being viewed by a large audience through television.

Below are a list of dog sports and their definition:

Competition obedience

The dog should perfectly perform a set of predefined tasks when directed by its handler. The objective of this sport is to determine whether the dog has been trained to behave properly in public places, in the home, or with the presence of other dogs and other conditions.

Field trials

          This is a competitive sport between hunting dogs. Most dogs that join this event are retrievers, flushing dogs, and point dogs.

Lure Coursing

          A dog sport that involves the dog to chase a mechanical lure. This competition is limited for a purebred sighthound, however, the American Kennel Club made an exception for other breeds to pass the Coursing Ability Test prior to joining this dog sport.

Obedience training

The obedience training varies from the basic training to high-level commands. Dogs who are trained with obedience can comply with the instructions and commands given by the handler.

Conformation showing

This dog event is sometimes referred as breed shows, in which dogs are evaluated on how well the dogs have conformed to their breed type.

Dog surfing

          Thought this sport is only for humans, but you don’t say, dogs that are trained to surf on windsurf boards, body boards, or surfboards can join this competition.

Weight pulling

This is a dog sport that involves a pull cart or sled that is loaded with a certain weight, then the dog will drag them across a short distance of dirt or gravel, carpet, snow, or grass. Although there are no dogs that have been hurt by this competition, non-profit organizations sanction this dog weight pulling competition.

Protection sports

          A dog sport that evaluates the ability of the dog to protect its handler and himself. The result of this competition reveals the complete temperament of the dog.

Junior Showmanship

This event is also called as junior handling, where it involves exhibiting the handling skills of the dog, this competition is more likely similar to conformation show. However, the handlers are the ones who are evaluated and not the dogs.

Rally Obedience

          This dog sport is solely based on the dog’s obedience, however, it has a slight difference with obedience training. Instead of depending on the order of the judge, the dogs are brought to an obstacle course where the dog is in a heel position.

Just like any events, there must be someone who will be declared as the champion. This championship award goes to the dogs who have completed the process of selection at dog events.

These events are created for the dogs to earn trophies, titles, ribbons, and bragging rights. With the events which your dog joined, you can know more about your dog.