State dogs are found in the United States of America, up to this day, there are twelve (12) states that have their official state dog breed.

These dogs are popular, indigenous and significant to the state. The first state dog was the Chesapeake Bay Retriever back in 1964 of the Maryland State. The year after, Pennsylvania claimed Great Dane as their official state dog.

Now, campaigns are being headed by school children to name a state dog. Last 2013, a Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper signed a bill that a state should have an education committee that recognizes the role of children in the legislative process and the importance of the responsibilities of a pet owner.

The list below is the proposed dogs for each state that has been claimed relevant to the State Senate or the House of Representatives. These dogs were either not accepted or their nominations are still in process.

State of Georgia: Golden Retriever (1991), English Bulldog (2016)

State of Kansas: Cairn Terrier (2012)

State of Maine: Labrador Retriever (2015)

State of Oregon: Newfoundlad (2015)

State of Washington: Siberian Husky (2004)