In the twelve states of the United States that has a state dog, the State of Texas is one of them. These official dogs are either popular, indigenous, or significant to the state. Let us find more about the state dog of Texas.

Dated back on June 2005, Texas was approved to have Blue Lacy as their official state dog breed. It was proposed in 2001 by the Texas Senate as the Blue Lacy has its majority population in Texas.

A Blue Lacy is not a pure breed, it is not recognized as a standardized breed by any major kennel club, and it was a combination of English Shepherd, Greyhound, and Wolf. This mixture was made by the Lacy brothers who were residing in Texas, thus where the breed name came from. The reason why the Lacy brothers developed this dog breed was that of their natural herding instincts to work for the free-roaming hogs of the family.

If you want quick facts about Blue Lacy, here it is:

  • A Blue Lacy can follow their prey silently but barks loudly when they found it.
  • A Blue Lacy has three color variations: BLUE (which ranges from light silver to dark charcoal), RED (which ranges from light cream to rust), and TRICOLOR (which is a combination of blue with red points).
  • A Blue Lacy has an intense gaze, their eyes have a color that ranges from BRIGHT YELLOW to RICH BROWN.

Blue Lacy comes with other names like Lacy Dog; Lacy Hog Dog; Lacy Game Dog; and Texas Blue Lacy.

The appearance of this dog can range from these three color variations, blue, red, and tricolor. Their coats are smooth, short, and tight. However, it does not need maximum grooming requirements.

They are built fast and strong, most of them stand from 43 to 56 centimeters and weighs 11 to 20 kilograms. But what is recognized when it became the official state dog of Texas are, Blue Lacy should stand from 46 to 64 centimeters and should weigh from 14 to 23 kg.

These dog breeds are known to be active, alert, intelligent, and intense. From why they are developed by the Lacy brothers, they are meant for hunting and herding. They have the drive and the determination to work and control large livestock. To substitute for their traditional work, these Blue Lacy can be introduced to modern activities that can stimulate their speed, nimbleness, passion, and intelligence.

You do not have to worry when it comes to the health of a Blue Lacy. They are healthy dogs, with an expected lifespan of 12 to 16 years. However, like any other dogs, they can develop joint problems, food allergies, and skin problems. A rare condition of color dilution alopecia can also happen to them.

If you are planning to adopt a Blue Lacy dog, remember you have to protect them, keep them at an appropriate weight. Ensure that you can provide them a healthier dog life, treat them as one of your family members. Read about other state dogs on our home page.