How to provide proper care for a domestic rabbit?

Rabbits are among the cutest animals in the world. Everyone undoubtedly desires to have a tiny and adorable bunny as their pet. But, what everyone needs to be aware of is that a rabbit is a very brittle and vulnerable animal. The pet care process of a domestic rabbit in comparison with a dog or a cat is incredibly different. Below is everything you need to know about how to take care of a domestic bunny.

How to care for your bunny?

Have a safe bunny cage
It is highly essential to provide your rabbit with a safe cage. You cannot get a cage where few of the metal’s edges are pointing out as this may have the potential to harm your bunny. You also need to ensure to get a proper size cage that can provide comfort and ease of movement for your rabbit. In simple words, provide a safe and cosy cage to your pet.

Rabbit-proof your house
Your house can contain numerous harmful objects that may hurt your bunny. Therefore, it is crucial to rabbit-proof your home so that you do not have to worry whenever your bunny is jumping around your house.

Provide proper diet

how-to-provide-proper-care-for-a-domestic-rabbit-aHaving a bunny does not only mean to provide them with commercial food. You need to provide your domestic rabbit with a proper fresh diet. Proper diet for bunnies includes carrots, radish, herbs, and cucumbers.

NOTE: GRASS HAYS is the most vital daily food to provide to your rabbit. 

Hygiene: Clean your bunny
It can be challenging to give bath to your bunny because of the fear that bathing them may cause harm to them. Indeed, a bunny can quickly get hurt while cleaning them as you may hold them inappropriately or too much water can reach inside their ears or nose, which can be eventually harmful to them.

Instead, you can use damp cloths to clean the ears and the overall body of your adorable bunny. Remember always to ensure that your domestic rabbit is staying in a clean and dry area.

Extra Tips
As mentioned earlier, rabbits are particularly vulnerable. Hence, you need to handle and pet them with care. Do not apply too much pressure on their body while you are holding them. Always ensure that you are near the ground when you are trying to lift them. And yes, do not forget to go for regular vet visits for your bunny. Now, you are all ready to provide proper care for a domestic rabbit.