Train your ferret pet with these two amazing tricks

Ferrets are wonderful pets, especially for those who have plenty of time to spend with them. If you have those skills and willingness to bond with any animals, then ferret is indeed what you need. Ferrets are astonishingly friendly, intelligent, quiet and can be a perfect companion.

Moreover, there are several ways to train a ferret pet mainly by using treats, so that they can perform a few tricks. Find below a few steps of how to train your ferret pet.


Guide of how to train a ferret pet with these two amazing tricks:

1. Spin Trick

If you wish to train your ferret to do the spin trick, you will undoubtedly need a treat such as pieces of chicken breasts or liver. All you need to do is take a small amount of the treat in your hand and move your hand in a circular motion near your ferret. Wait until they smell the treat; they will automatically start spinning along with the movement of your hand. This is the easiest trick you can teach your ferret.

NOTE: Do not offer commercial and mainstream treats to your ferret, they will probably not like it, and the trick will not work. Offer them their favourite fresh treats; this will eventually work wonders.

2. Stand Up High-Five

Another cool trick you can use to train your ferret is to teach them how to stand up on their two feet and give you a high-five. This trick may take some more practice in comparison with the spin trick. To perform this trick, you can either use fresh treats as mentioned earlier or commercial-tube treats. All you need to do is to hold the treat to the maximum height your ferret’s mouth can reach. Plus, you need to bend your other hand’s palm down. Whenever your ferret is trying to get its treat, say, “high-five”, until they understand you will only give them the treat if they place their one paw on your palm.

Extra Tips
You need to remember that a ferret is not similar to a dog. You cannot pet train a ferret the same way you do as for a dog. Therefore, it is better not to force or expect them to learn something easily and quickly. You are now ready to try these two amazing tricks on your adorable ferret pet.